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Motsumi Oa Mphirime - A Prayer of a Black Man

Motsumi Oa Mphirime - A Prayer of a Black Man

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African people have spent too much time singing and dancing at freedom celebrations in our newly independent African states. We have forgotten about the depth and damage of our wounds. Even a dog gives itself a moment to lick its wounds after a brutal attack. In many of our African Countries, instead of immediately addressing the damage that was caused by colonialism and apartheid, we posed for cameras, displaying our kindness to the former perpetrators. We became too preoccupied with reassuring our previous oppressors that we will be nice to them going forward. In the midst of this theatrical performance we neglected addressing issues around possessions which were unfairly taken away from us. We are at the same time trying hard to impress our former oppressors by rubbishing our cultures and beliefs in the interest of theirs. Our languages are vanishing and we are meanwhile contributing to their demise by speaking only the former oppressors' language to our children.

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