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Amity Gaige - Sea Wife

Amity Gaige - Sea Wife

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3.7/5 Goodreads

When Michael informs his wife Juliet that he is leaving his job and buying a sailboat, she is taken aback. And when he proposes they and their two young children take a year-long voyage, she is deeply apprehensive. But Michael is persuasive, and eventually she agrees to his plan. The family set off for Panama, where their sailboat awaits them - a boat that Michael has named the Juliet.
Initially, the experience is transformative: their marriage is given a gust of energy, and each of them is affected by the beauty and wildness of the sea. But slowly, the voyage begins to unravel.
Juliet's account of the life-changing events at sea is spliced with Michael's captain's log, which provides a riveting, slow-motion narration of those same inexorable events.
Sea Wife is a gripping novel about marriage, family and love in a time of unprecedented turmoil. It is unforgettable in its power and astonishingly perceptive in its portrayal of optimism, disillusionment and survival.

"Sea Wife brilliantly breathes life not only into the perils of living at sea, but also into the fraught and hidden dangers of domesticity, motherhood and marriage. What a smart, swift and thrilling novel" -  Lauren Groff
"Sea Wife is an immersive pleasure. Amity Gaige captivates us, tricks us, and transports us. She understands the inner and the outer world...and there is no world she cannot explore and illuminate"- Amy Bloom

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