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Colin Forbes - Shockwave (Tweed & Co. #7)

Colin Forbes - Shockwave (Tweed & Co. #7)

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Hardback - Used

3.8/5 Goodreads

Tweed, faced with the accusation of murdering and raping a mysterious girl, is forced to flee into snowbound Europe. Paula Grey insists on accompanying him on his flight into the unknown. But Europe's top security chiefs-once his friends - are warned to track him down.
Is the key to these bizarre events SHOCKWAVE-the sheet anchor of Western Europe's defence? Transported by sea on board the Lampedusa, en route for Britain, the giant computer could guarantee safety for the West-or Russia. And Tweed was the custodian of its safe passage.
The relentless pursuit of Tweed is directed by Lance Buckmaster, the arrogant and newly appointed Minister for External Security. Who is behind the attempts to assassinate Tweed? Could it be World Security & Communications, the international business empire founded by Buckmaster before he became Minister?
Racing along the German autobahns in a desperate bid to reach Switzerland, Tweed faces a series of murderous ambushes. Armand Horowitz, Europe's top assassin, has set up deathtraps for Tweed. But who is trapping who? And who is enemy, who is friend?
What part is played by Gareth Morgan, devious managing director of W.S. & C.? By Marler, supposedly Tweed's trusted aide? By Leonora, Buckmaster's wife, an expert at playing off one man against another? Treachery rears its head everywhere.
In a supreme attempt to elude his pursuers, Tweed drives into the ice-cold Black Forest. It is no refuge. Helicopters are tracking his progress.
The horizon explodes world-wide: the Lampedusa, with its strategic cargo, is hi- jacked. Tweed, a fugitive, is helpless. Or is he? Washington reacts. The U.S. Sixth Fleet sails from Naples. Its mission: locate the

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