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D-L Nelson - Murder in Schwyz

D-L Nelson - Murder in Schwyz

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Hardback - As new

3.5/5 Goodreads

Brother Fritz wants to sell. Sister Petra wants to expand. The Bircher family has manufactured cookies in the picturesque Swiss canton of Schwyz since the late 1800s. And Annie Young-Perret was warned, when she took an assignment to write a history of the company, about the ongoing sibling feud over control of its future.
When Fritz is found shot to death, the police arrest Petra.
Petra hires Annie's French husband, an ex-police detective, to prove her innocence, and Annie can't resist helping. Fritz had been negotiating with a firm specializing in buying and stripping other companies, but his murder happened before the sale was complete. The com- pany lawyer tries to replace the jailed Petra with a manager who will move ahead with the deal. The employees, however, own enough stock to rebel. They put the popular marketing manager Brett Windsor, an American, in control.
As clues accumulate, Annie's instincts are telling her who killed Fritz-but her plan for a confrontation may be deadly.

"A strong, intelligent female character and a plot that offers historical interest along with contemporary social issues provide the appeal in this unusual mystery." - Booklist
"An accomplished writer, Nelson holds the reader's interest. While she doesn't place Annie in extreme jeopardy, she provides insights into fascinating people and especially into strong women. The tragic story of Elizabeth shows a community at its worst although a few members reveal that even among extremists, good people exist." - Gumshoe Review


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