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Denis Johnson - Already Dead

Denis Johnson - Already Dead

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Paperback - Used

3.7/5 Goodreads

"In sustained breathtaking language of genuine poetic authority it depicts the collapse of the last American frontier. The characters inhabiting that frontier are strange, ghostly, complex figures - all believable, all recognizable - and it is Denis Johnson's accomplishment here to have penetrated, understood and represented the extraordinary weirdness and richness of their minds. A grim tale of revenge snakes through it all, lending tension and momentum to this wildly beautiful story of a terminal landscape and its population of lost and drifting souls" - Patrick McGrath

"Already Dead is California noir transcended by inspiration. It's harrowing and hilarious, tough without trying to be, purely and beautifully written. There isn't an American voice I love listening to more than Denis Johnson" - Michael Herr


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