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Don Winslow - Broken

Don Winslow - Broken

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4.2/5 Goodreads

No matter how you come into this world, you come out broken In six intense, haunting short novels, Don Winslow returns to the themes that are the hallmarks of his acclaimed body of work- crime, corruption, vengeance, justice, loss, betrayal, guilt, and redemption to explore the savagery and nobility that drive and define the human condition.
Broken: In the volume's title story, police dispatcher Eva McNabb takes the call on a police officer's brutal murder by a vicious drug gang. It's her own kid, Danny. Then Eva makes her own call. Summoning her elder son, Jimmy, also a cop, Eva com- mands: Avenge your brother. I want you to kill them all.
Crime 101: A string of high-level jewel heists up and down the Pacific Coast Highway has gone unsolved for years, mostly because the perpetrator has lived by a strict code he calls "Crime 101." Police attribute the thefts to the Colombian cartels. But Detective Lou Lubesnick's gut says it's the work of just one man. Now the lone-wolf jewel thief is looking for that fabled final last score and Lou breaks all the rules of Crime 101.
The San Diego Zoo: Young police officer Chris Shea is called to investigate a runaway chimp that is armed with a revolver. Winslow tips his hat to Elmore Leonard in this story of serious detective work leavened with wit and humor as Chris has to solve a mystery, redeem his reputation, and get the girl.
Sunset: When surfing legend and chronic criminal Terry Maddux jumps bail for a felony possession charge, equally legendary bail bondsman Duke Kasmajian decides that to catch a surfer, you hire a surfer-private investigator Boone Daniels, who has to find his hero before it's too late.
Paradise: While on vacation in Hawaii, best friends and hydro-cannabis entrepreneurs Ben, Chon, and O decide to expand their distribution territory from the mainland to the islands, arous- ing the hostility of a local crime syndicate and turning paradise into a battleground.
•The Last Ride: To former soldier and cowboy-turned-Border Patrol agent Cal Strickland, the illegals who try to jump his stretch of the Texas-Mexico border are a nameless, faceless group who (continued on back flap)

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