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Drusilla Modjeska, Amanda Lohrey, Robert Dessaix - Secrets

Drusilla Modjeska, Amanda Lohrey, Robert Dessaix - Secrets

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3.4/5 Goodreads

Storytelling, song, metaphysics. Families unravelling, the mystery of a singing cure, temple mazes. In Secrets, the ebb and flow of ideas, the weaving of image and story, bring Drusilla Modjeska, Amanda Lohrey and Robert Dessaix together in a space of contemplation where their voices resound in unexpected ways.

"A terrific novella and two longish pieces of non-fiction that show there are more things in heaven and earth than novel writing" - Sunday Age
"'In Secrets three of our best prose entertainers are summoned to a midnight feast where they pass the talking stick to take us beyond the expected and the known" - Sydney Morning Herald

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