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Alex Espinoza - Still Water Saints

Alex Espinoza - Still Water Saints

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3.8/5 Goodreads

Still Water Saints chronicles a momentous year in the life of Agua Mansa, a largely Latino town beyond the fringes of Los Angeles and home to the Botánica Oshún, where people come seeking charms, herbs, and candles. Above all, they seek the guidance of Perla Portillo, the shop's owner. Perla has served the community for years, arming her clients with the tools to overcome all manner of crises, large and small. Her customers include Juan, a businessman coming to terms with the death of his father; Nancy, a schoolteacher caught between her new husband and her parents; Shawn, an addict looking for peace; and Rosa, a teenager trying to lose weight and find herself. But when a customer with a troubled and mysterious past arrives, Perla must confront her own unfulfilled hopes and doubts about her place in a rapidly changing world. Imaginative, inspiring, lyrical, and beautifully written, Still Water Saints evokes the unpredictability of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

"Elegantly crafted . . . If magic is in short supply here among the new housing developments and the strip malls, faith in every incarnation is thriving." - The Washington Post
"Enchanting... [Still Water Saints] does not ask us to suspend disbelief even while it bewitches. . . . It plunges you into a community that reminds us that all communities, no matter what their ethnic makeup, experience many of the same dilemmas and challenges" - San Francisco Chronicle

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