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Bryan Forbes - A Song at Twilight

Bryan Forbes - A Song at Twilight

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Hardback - Used

3.4/5 Goodreads

It is London, 1990, and the Right Honourable Toby Bayldon heads a Socialist government presiding over an increasingly anarchic Britain. When a booby-trapped corpse kills two policemen in Hyde Park it also sets off an investigation which starts to threaten the stability of the regime - and the secret intentions of Bayldon's shadowy Russian
Only one man knows the truth about Bayldon. Only one man can bring the pack of cards tumbling down. And Alec Hillsden, former MI5 officer, branded traitor, is plotting his revenge...
Licking his wounds in exile in Leningrad, Hillsden decides to tell his story in full- while he still can. The result is a
manuscript of such explosive content that Hillsden dare not trust it to official channels and chooses, instead, a former colleague, a man tinged by his own disgrace. Unknown to him, however, Waddington is already being drawn in to the secret world, and time, for them both, is running out...
Moving from its brilliant opening chapter in London to the Black Sea, Leningrad, the Caribbean and Moscow, A Song at Twilight introduces an unforgettable gallery of rogues, moles and victims who give us a chilling insight into the dark recesses of international espionage and politics.
When The Endless Game was published, Bryan Forbes was compared to Graham Greene, Len Deighton and Le Carré. Once again he has written a novel of suspense with plot twists aplenty to throw the reader off the scent. A Song at Twilight proves, finally, that Bryan Forbes stands in the very front rank of thriller writers.

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