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Gerald Seymour - A Damned Serious Business

Gerald Seymour - A Damned Serious Business

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Hardback - As new

3.8/5 Goodreads

A new cold war is raging and its frontline warriors are Russian hackers - gang-members working freelance for the FSB, successor to the KGB. Massive thefts of personal data, electoral interference, catastrophic disruption with banks, airlines, even whole countries disabled - this is happening now.
Nicknamed 'Boot' because of his obsession with the Duke of Wellington, Edwin Coker is an MI6 case officer. When a young hacker falls into his hands with details of a secret meeting, Boot conceives a daring plan to strike back - not with a computer virus of his own, but with a bomb that will spread fear and distrust through the Russian operation.
Now Boot and his little team need a 'deniable' handler to deliver the explosives and bring the hacker back out. They turn to Merc, an ex-soldier who knows how to get out of a tight spot. They hope.
From the moment Merc sets out to cross the River Narva from Estonia to Russia, things go wrong and when the hacker's sister becomes involved, the mission turns from tough to near impossible. The scene is set for a classic story of pursuit and evasion and an epic battle for survival.

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