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Gerald Seymour - The Fighting Man

Gerald Seymour - The Fighting Man

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3.9/5 Goodreads

Thrown out of the SAS for insubordination, Gord Brown now lives in disillusioned exile on a failing salmon farm in the Scottish highlands. Yet to the three Guatemala Indians who track him down, he represents the last hope of freedom. They have come to recruit a fighting man to lead an uprising against the brutal military dictatorship which is killing their people.
Gord flies with them to Cuba, then on with a small band of men to a rough landing strip in the rain forest of Guatemala.
As the ragged army marches through the jungle and across the high mountains towards Guatemala City, a hopeless dream becomes a burning reality. But the forces pitted against them are formidable.

"It's time for Gerald Seymour to be recognized as ranking right up there with Graham Greene" - New York Times
"Unstoppable momentum" - Daily Telegraph

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