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Gerald Seymour - The Journeyman Tailor

Gerald Seymour - The Journeyman Tailor

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4.1/5 Goodreads

Northern Ireland, the setting of Harry's Game and Field of Blood, has once more inspired Gerald Seymour to write a thriller which draws on a knowledge of the country that no other storyteller can match.
Gary Brennard is young and keen; he has just the qualities his MI5 desk chief is looking for to serve in undercover operations in Northern Ireland. Of course he's short of experience, this is his first assignment as a field agent, but he'll be with Parker, and he is promised that Parker is the best.
With Parker as his guide, Brennard will discover the raw danger of covert operations in the villages and on the mountains of County Tyrone. In the heartland of the Provisional IRA's most expert and active Brigade he will find a community that lives by the code of "Hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing". One thing the people of the mountains understand for sure is that to collaborate with British Intelligence is to invite a death sentence from their own. Nevertheless there is word on the mountain that inside the Brigade there is a "tout", an informer. The Brigade will go to any lengths to identify the traitor amongst them, to interrogate and torture him, then to hood and shoot him.
The informer is the jewel. The informer belongs to Parker and, whatever the cost, Bren is told, the informer's safety must be preserved: he is the critical asset to hold on to until the stakes are high enough. Meanwhile the innocent, if they step into the crossfire, are expendable.
The Journeyman Tailor is a novel about fear, about loyalty and betrayal. Few writers have come as close as Gerald Seymour to understanding the
implacable, cynical savagery that is the trademark of men and women who will stop at nothing to serve their cause.

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