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Betty-Anne Hastings - Helpful Household Hints

Betty-Anne Hastings - Helpful Household Hints

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Paperback - Used

Betty-Anne Hastings has compiled an entire 127-page book dedicated to making everyday life easier and less costly for you. Her Helpful Household Hints is a treasure trove full of time-saving, money-saving guides for lightening the load of household chores... indoors and out.. from the kitchen to the garden to the garage. Betty-Anne's dollar- stretching hints make being self-sufficient an adventure in living. You'll discover ingenious new ways to cope with clothing care, pets, kids, vacations, gardening, recycling and more. Keep a copy of this book at your fingertips to use any time as a useful working tool. You'll be amazed at how much fun it can be to save time, money and effort. Hint: Prolong the life of dull razors. Just sharpen blade using the striking edge of an old matchbox.

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