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Ian Rankin - The Impossible Dead (Malcolm Fox #2)

Ian Rankin - The Impossible Dead (Malcolm Fox #2)

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Hardback - As new

4.0/5 Goodreads

Malcolm Fox and his team from Internal Affairs are back. They've been sent to Fife to investigate whether fellow cops covered up for a corrupt colleague, Detective Paul Carter. Carter has been found guilty of misconduct, with his own uncle - also in the force - proving to be his nemesis. But what should be a simple job is soon complicated by intimations of conspiracy and cover-up. A brutal murder has long lain hidden and it looks like it was committed with a weapon that should not even exist.
As the investigation gains momentum, a trail of revelations leads Fox back to 1985, a year of great turmoil in British political life. Terrorists intent on a split between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom were becoming more brazen and ruthless. Letter- bombs and poisonous spores were sent to government offices and kidnappings and murders were plotted, the insurgents all the while trying to stay one step ahead of the government spies sent in to flush them out.
Fox feels he has a duty to get at the truth but while the body count rises the clock starts ticking, and he has no choice but to fight back when a dramatic turn of events sees him in mortal danger.
The Impossible Dead is a searingly insightful and page-turning novel that shows, yet
again, why lan Rankin remains one of the nation's most brilliant crime writers.

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