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Jamaica Kincaid - The Autobiography of My Mother

Jamaica Kincaid - The Autobiography of My Mother

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3.8/5 Goodreads

Jamaica Kincaid's new novel is the haunting, deeply charged story of a woman's life on the island of Dominica. Xuela Claudette Richardson, daughter of a Carib mother and a half-Scottish, half- African father, was delivered to his laundress as an infant, bundled up like his clothes: "It is possible that he would have expected better care for one than the other, but which one I do not know, because he was a very vain man.
Kincaid takes us from Xuela's child- hood in a home where she could hear the song of the sea-"sometimes as a soft swish, a lapping of waves against the shore of black stones, sometimes with the anger of water boiling in a cauldron resting unsteadily on a large fire"-to the tin- roofed room where she lives as a school- girl in the house of Jack LaBatte, who becomes her first lover.

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