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James Lee Burke - Robicheaux

James Lee Burke - Robicheaux

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Paperback - As new

4.6/5 Goodreads

Detective Dave Robicheaux's wife Molly was cruelly taken too soon. Her death left him nothing but heartbreak and now, he drinks to forget.
After a heavy night, he finds his hands are bruised, and has no idea why. Memories have plagued him but now they are all that can save him.
Because the man who killed Molly has been found murdered. And Robicheaux knows he will be the prime suspect.
His innocence is in doubt - even to himself.
He never claimed he was a saint.
And to clear his name Robicheaux will have to go to hell and back.

"A gorgeous prose stylist" - Stephen King
"The heavyweight champ, a great American novelist whose work is unsurpassed" - Michael Connelly

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