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James Patterson & Brenda DuBois - Countdown (Amy Cornwall #2)

James Patterson & Brenda DuBois - Countdown (Amy Cornwall #2)

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4.3/5 Goodreads

An undercover CIA officer has seven days to save her country from the world's most dangerous double-agent.
CIA officer Amy Cornwall is in the business of tracking people down and keeping secrets hidden. When a botched field operation reveals some dark dealings on the inside, Amy discovers a plot that could kill thousands of Americans.
Knowing that her leadership is corrupt to the core, she is forced to give up her identity and work from the shadows. But it's not easy staying hidden when your enemies are elite intelligence operatives.
Will she get the truth out into the light before losing her identity, her history, her family?
The countdown has already begun.

"James Patterson is The Boss. End of." - Ian Rankin

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