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James Patterson - Jack and Jill

James Patterson - Jack and Jill

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Paperback - Used

4.0/5 Goodreads

A pair of ice-cold killers have been picking off Washington's rich and famous with chilling professional efficiency. As the nation awaits the identity of the next celebrity victim, Alex Cross takes over the high-profile investigation. With his proven ability to get inside the minds of the most deranged killers, he has the skills and the courage to crack the case - but will he discover the truth before 'Jack and Jill' set their sights on Washington's ultimate celebrity target?
A relentless rollercoaster of heart-pounding suspense and jolting plot twists, Jack and Jill proves once again that no one can write a more compelling thriller than James Patterson- the master of the non-stop nightmare.

"Flawless...Patterson, among the best writers of crime stories ever, has reached his pinnacle with Jack and Jill" - Larry King, USA Today
"Compulsively page-turning stuff" - Sunday Express

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