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Jeffery Deaver - The Midnight Lock (Lincoln Rhyme #15)

Jeffery Deaver - The Midnight Lock (Lincoln Rhyme #15)

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Paperback - Used

4.1/5 Goodreads

This is the fifteenth Lincoln Rhyme Novel
Can brilliant forensic criminalist Lincoln Rhyme decipher the identify of the deranged criminal known as the locksmith and stop him before his horrifying games turn deadly?
A madman obsessed with locks. The more complicated, the better. A woman awakes in her New York City apartment to find that someone has picker her apartment's supposedly impregnable lock and rearranged her things, even sitting beside her while she slept. The intrusion, the police know, is a message to the entire city of carnage to come. To him, locks are not barriers. They are invitations. Into your home. Into your life. With blood about to spill, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are enlisted to track down the Locksmith and discover his true mission. But the past comes looking for Rhyme: an internal investigation uncovers a crucial mistake in one of his previous cases. He's fired as a consultant for the NYPD - and must conduct his hunt for the Locksmith under cover of darkness. 
Once inside, he makes himself at home. Prowls through your secrets. And maybe, does much worse.... An airtight thriller that pits the world-famous criminalist against a warped and worthy adversary, The Midnight Lock delivers tension you can't escape even if you try. 

"Deaver is a master of plot twists" - Associated Press
"No one in the world does this king of thing better than Deaver" - Lee Child

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