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Jeffery Deaver - The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme #4)

Jeffery Deaver - The Stone Monkey (Lincoln Rhyme #4)

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Paperback - Used

4/5 Goodreads

This is the fourth Lincoln Rhyme Novel
The FBI has recruited forensics expert Lincoln Rhyme and his protégée, Amelia Sachs, to capture “the Ghost,” a homicidal immigrant smuggler. But when they corner him aboard a cargo ship, the bust goes disastrously wrong and the Ghost escapes. Now the killer must eliminate two families who witnessed his flight before they jumped ship and vanished. . . . Searching New York City’s Chinatown, can Rhyme and Sachs find the Ghost’s targets before he does?

"The page-turning New York bestseller from Jeffery Deaver's simply outstanding" - San Jose Mercury News
"Rhyme is among the most brilliant and most vulnerable of crime fiction's heroes" - New York Post
"Byzantine twists and turns" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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