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Jennifer Lynn Barnes - The Inheritance Games

Jennifer Lynn Barnes - The Inheritance Games

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Paperback - Used

4.2/5 Goodreads

She came from nothing.

Avery has a plan: keep her head down, work hard for a better future. Then an eccentric billionaire dies, leaving her almost his entire fortune. And no one, least of all Avery, knows why.
They had everything.
Now she must move into the mansion she's inherited. It's filled with secrets and codes, and the old man's surviving relatives a family hell-bent on discovering why Avery got 'their' money.
Now there's only one rule: winner takes all. Soon she is caught in a deadly game that
everyone in this strange family is playing. But just how far will they go to keep their fortune?

"A thrilling blend of family secrets, illicit romance and high stakes. The nonstop twists kept me guessing until the very last page!" - Katharine McGee, bestselling author of American Royals
"A fantastic rollercoaster of a book! We Were Liars meets The Da Vinci Code I loved it!" -
Kat Ellis, author of Harrow Lake

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