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Jim Haberkorn - A Thousand Suns

Jim Haberkorn - A Thousand Suns

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4.4/5 Goodreads

Rulon Hurt has finally found some peace and quiet in Twin Falls, Idaho, but it's not easy being an out-of-work spy—especially if you're on a hit list or two. Every few months at a local bar, he ends up fighting Russian agents still angry about what Rulon did on his last mission. But when he saves one of these agents from a skinhead gang, he has no idea that the consequences will be the deadliest he's ever faced.
Now it's up to Rulon, his wife, Yohaba and their newfound friend to stop a dangerous plot that could destroy the entire world. Making difficult moral decisions in an immoral world, Rulon once again enters the deadly arena of spies, assassinations, and terror. Filled with humor and lots of action, this deadly thriller will have you racing to the end!

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