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Karen Rose - Kill For Me

Karen Rose - Kill For Me

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4.3/5 Goodreads

Susannah Vartanian's Wife changed overnight when, as a teenager, she was viciously raped by a sadistic gang of youths. Now she won't allow anyone to get close to her.
Luke Papadopoulos is approaching burn-out. As a detective working on sex crimes against children, he will do anything to find those responsible for such evil atrocities.
Monica Cassidy's life is under threat. Held in a bunker with ten other teenage girls, she barely escaped with her life when her kidnappers fled, killing five of the girls as they left. Now Monica is the only one free who can identify her abductors, and they know where she is.
Can they work together to find the five missing girls? The clock is ticking...

"Intense, complex and unforgettable" - James Patterson
"Never once lets up on the gas pedal" - Lorenzo Carcaterra

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