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Lore Segal - Ladies' Lunch and Other Stories

Lore Segal - Ladies' Lunch and Other Stories

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3.6/5 Goodreads

Five close friends in their nineties meet - as they have for decades - for their monthly "Ladies' lunch", to puzzle and laugh at the enigmas and affronts of ageing. When one of their number is placed unhappily in a home, the others conspire to spring her.
Lore Segal's story, Ladies' Lunch, appeared in the New Yorker in 2017, when she herself turned ninety. It was followed by four New Yorker sequels. For this Ladies' Lunch novella, Segal returns to her group of elderly, sharp-witted women, adding new vignettes of understated power and insight.
The Other Stories include a trio of tales that illuminate the hinterland of Segal's characters - one of them, like her, a Kindertransport refugee from Nazi-controlled Vienna.
Beautifully crafted, these stories distil the spirit of one of America's great authors to show what a long life might bring.

"For almost six decades Segal has produced some of the best fiction and essays in American literature" - The New York Times

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