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Magdalen Nabb - Property of Blood

Magdalen Nabb - Property of Blood

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3.6/5 Goodreads

Former model Olivia Birkett, the American widow of the Florentine Count Ugo Brunamonti, has been violently kidnapped. Head of a successful fashion house, she is an obvious target for the Sardinian kidnap gangs nominally engaged in raising sheep in the Tuscan hills. Even though the government's official policy is not to permit payment of ransom... But when Olivia's daughter reports her disappearance, Marshal Guarnaccia begins to suspect something more sinister. And as he is drawn even further into the intricate politics of the wealthy Brunamonti family, Guarnaccia starts to wonder whether Olivia really was the intended victim...

"Guarnaccia continues to impress as the most convincingly human of modern detectives and his creator as a writer of deep and rare dimension" - Observer
"The intrigue is absorbing, and the Florentine background brilliantly portrayed...We fans...are as fascinated by (Guarnaccia's) diet as by his deductions" - Evening Standard
"Magdalen Nabb's books are set in Florence so vividly brought to life tha I long to go back there after reading each one" - Sunday Telegraph

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