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Marianne Wiggins - The Shadow Catcher

Marianne Wiggins - The Shadow Catcher

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3.6/5 Goodreads

"The best book of the year is the arch and luminous Marianne Wiggins novel The Shadow Catcher.. an old-fashioned detective story with a gung-ho narrative momentum. Along the way, The Shadow Catcher manages to wax sagacious about families, the American West, death, time, memory, the subjugation of Native Americans, and the rise of photography as the chief medium by which we now know the world-or think we do, that is... Be glad you live in a world that includes this prickly, magnificent novel." - Julia Smiley

"Marianne Wiggins is one of our most adventuresome and enterprising novelists...her style is seductive and alluring.. The Shadow Catcher is both mesmerizing and convincing." - Jane Smiley

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