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Martin O'Brien - Jacquot and the Master (Daniel Jacquot #2)

Martin O'Brien - Jacquot and the Master (Daniel Jacquot #2)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

Provence, a sensual landscape of golden light, rich contrasts and striking colour, is an artist's dream. But sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares.
Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot of the Cavaillon Regional Crime Squad is called to an artist's retreat, a luxury hill-top hotel. A young woman is missing. There are bloodstains, but no body...
Among the guests under suspicion are those who have both means and motive, with personal secrets and their own dangerous liaisons to conceal.
Looming over them all is a celebrated and reclusive artist whose masterworks are priceless. And when a summer storm isolates the hotel, and not one but two bodies are found, passions start to run high...

"Only an Englishman could set his detective fiction in France and infuse it with such passion for the place and its people... well-written and compelling...tight plotting, excellent characterisation and lyrical descriptions mean Jacquot is here to stay" - Daily Mail
"A wonderfully inventive and involving detective story with vivid French locales creating the perfect backdrop. Jacquot is top of le cops" - Daily Express

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