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Martin Suter - A Deal with the Devil

Martin Suter - A Deal with the Devil

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Sonia Freay fears for her sanity. Her marriage ended in divorce after her husband tried to kill her. And a bad acid trip has heightened her senses - she can now 'feel' smells, 'see' sounds. To escape these worries, she takes a job as a physio at a newly re-opened hotel in a remote Alpine village in the Swiss Engadine. There, a series of disturbing events throws her into disarray once more. Sonia soon discovers a parallel to these occurrences in local folk tales of the supernatural - can the legend of the Devil of Milan be true? Or is the truth more sinister? Sonia's mind, already under pressure from her strange, almost extrasensory awareness, is stretched to breaking point by the climate of paranoia developing around her. And when her ex-mother- in-law arrives as a guest at the hotel, preceded by the horrific death in a car crash of one of the locals, she understands that all is not as it should be.
This tightly-plotted novel, in the tradition of Fred Vargas, is an acute study of the shifting nature of identity and reality.

"Readers do not have to be dyed-in-the-wool lovers of crime novels to become addicted to the work of Martin Suter" - Vogue
"The writing is sharp, the observation acute, the sense of the character's utter bewilderment perfectly evoked" - Sunday Herald Magazine

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