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Mary Wesley - The Camomile Lawn

Mary Wesley - The Camomile Lawn

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Hardback - Used

3.8/5 Goodreads

August, 1939. Five cousins gather for the annual summer ritual of a holiday at their aunt's house in Cornwall; for most of them it is the last summer of their youth. The heady exhilarations of the freedoms brought by loss of innocence, and fear, are around the corner. War will change everything.
Moving between London and Cornwall, Mary Wesley's new novel, through the lives of these and other central characters, presents an extraordinarily vivid and lively picture of wartime London: the rationing, imaginatively circumvented, the fallen houses, the new-found comforts of sex, the desperate humour of survival; all of it evoked with warmth, clarity and stunning wit.
Mary Wesley is a wonderful stylist, and with The Camomile Lawn she has come into full flower; her memorable characters and rare sureness of dialogue uplift the heart.

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