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Martha McPhee - L'America

Martha McPhee - L'America

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Hardback - As new

3.3/5 Goodreads

She met him on a small Greek island floating n the Aegean like a song. She was eighteen years old. He was standing on some steps leading to a whitewashed pensione, struggling to speak with the landlady, to negotiate a price. The sun was on hm, caught in his hair as if he could shake it free. Beth watched him, the gesturing of his hands, listened to the odd and unfamiliar words. The old landlady was dressed in black, hunched over and thick around the waist. The sun lit him. Beth would remember that detail forever, the way the sun illuminated him as if for her benefit. And then the way he turned, as if he could feel her eyes on him. His eyes locked on her, for an instant only, but long enough for her to feel a shock - a jab, a stab - and then nothing was ever the same.

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