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Michael Connelly - Blood Work (Harry Bosch Universe #7)

Michael Connelly - Blood Work (Harry Bosch Universe #7)

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Paperback - Used

4.2/5 Goodreads

Eight weeks ago he was a dead man else's heart is keeping him alive. When McCaleb discovers that he lives because of a cold-blooded murder the ex-FBI investigator is forced back on to the streets. The police investigation is going nowhere fast and there are few clues to fall back on. But as McCaleb puts together the evidence of a crucial witness with the gut instincts sharpened by a career spent hunting down serial killers, the killing looks less like a random shooting and more like the first move in a calculated campaign of terror...

"Outstanding exciting mystery with an ingenious twist" - Sunday Times
"Splendid one-off gem" - Time Out

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