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Michael Connelly - The Late Show (Renée Ballard #1)

Michael Connelly - The Late Show (Renée Ballard #1)

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4.1/5 Goodreads

Detective Renée Ballard works 'The Late Show', the notorious graveyard shift at the LAPD.
It's thankless work for a once-promising detective, keeping strange hours in a twilight world of crime. Some nights are worse than others. And tonight is the worst yet. Two shocking cases, hours apart: a brutal assault, and a multiple murder with no suspects. Ballard knows it is always darkest before dawn. But what she doesn't know - yet - is how deep her investigation will take her into the dark heart of her city, the police department and her own past...

"A gripping thrill ride that will entrance you and keep you reading until the small hours"- Daily Express
"Classy and clever, with a tenacious heroine" - Sunday Mirror
"One of the world's greatest crime writers - this cements his place at the very top of the crime-writing tree" - Daily Mail

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