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Michael Ridpath - Final Venture (Power and Money #7)

Michael Ridpath - Final Venture (Power and Money #7)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

Simon Ayot, fast-rising English star at Revere Partners, one of Boston's top venture capitalists, seems to have everything going his way. Newly married to Lisa, a beautiful biotech researcher, he's about to pull off his first major deal.
Simon is devastated when Frank Cook, senior partner at Revere and his father-in-law, kills the funding for his hot new internet investment. But his anger quickly turns to terror when a few days later Frank is found dead at his remote beach house. And, as the police soon discover, Simon was one of the last to see him alive.
Desperate to save his marriage and stay out of jail, Simon begins his own investigation into Frank's murder. What is the truth about Revere's gold-plated investment, the secretive BioOne? Was Frank really killed for his multi- million dollar share in his firm's profits? And who will be next to die?
In the biotech world the risks are sky-high. And for some the rewards are worth killing for...

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