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Michael Ridpath - On the Edge (Alex Calder #1)

Michael Ridpath - On the Edge (Alex Calder #1)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

From his past as an RAF fighter pilot to his job as a bond trader in the City, Alex Calder is a man known for taking big risks and winning. But when colleague Jennifer Tan decides to pursue a sexual harassment case against her boss, Calder witnesses the ugly side of his world. And the tragic. For Jen commits suicide and Calder quits in disgust.
One year on, Calder is running a flying school in Norfolk. But the past won't disappear. When a former colleague of Jen's vanishes while visiting Jean-Luc Martel - the infamous 'Man Who Broke the Euro' in his mountain paradise in the Rockies, Calder sees the tragic events of twelve months earlier in an even more sinister and terrifying light.
And this time, he'll risk his reputation, his livelihood and even his life on seeing justice is done...

"Ridpath provides a rush of blood to the head and stings your page-turning fingertips" - Independent
"An absorbing thriller" - Good Book Guide

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