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Michael Ridpath - See No Evil (Alex Calder #2)

Michael Ridpath - See No Evil (Alex Calder #2)

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3.9/5 Goodreads

When Kim, an old college friend, pays Alex Calder an unexpected visit he is drawn once more into the shady dealings of the City investment bank Bloomfield Weiss. For Kim is married to Todd van Zyl, son of a South African newspaper tycoon. Todd wants Alex's help to investigate the murder of his mother, shot at a game reserve near Cape Town eighteen years ago. Todd had always believed his mother was killed by guerrillas - but the recent discovery of a letter written by her shortly before her death suggests a crime much closer to home. And it seems an old enemy of Alex at Bloomfield Weiss holds the key to a mystery that will have deadly repercussions...

"Ridpath is positively blossoming in both style and content" - Punch
"Thrillers... [that] never fail to deliver satisfaction and excitement" - Daily Mail

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