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Patricia Highsmith - Small G

Patricia Highsmith - Small G

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3.4/5 Goodreads

Finally published in the United States ten years after Patricia Highsmith's death, Small g, in the words of biographer Andrew Wilson, is an "extended fairy tale suggesting that... happiness is precarious and... romance should be embraced." In unmistakable Highsmithian fashion, the novel opens in a seedy Zurich bar with the brutal murder of Petey Ritter. Unraveling the vagaries of love, sexuality, jealousy, and death, Highsmith weaves a mystery both hilarious and astonishing, a classic tale executed with her characteristic penchant for darkness. Published in paperback for the first time here, Small g is at once an exorcism of Highsmith's literary demons and a revelatory capstone to a wholly remarkable career. It is a delightfully incantatory work that, in the tradition of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, shows us how bizarre and unpredictable love can be.

"All the qualities we love about Highsmith's work... are here in abundance,... her characters astonish themselves, and us, by discovering love in the very last places they ever expected to find it." - Francine Prose, O Magazine
"Today, Patricia Highsmith is hot. Once belittled as a 'dime-store Dostoyevsky,' she is now being canonized as a major American artist." - Leonard Cassuto 

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