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Penelope Fitzgerald - The Beginning of Spring

Penelope Fitzgerald - The Beginning of Spring

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3.7/5 Goodreads

It is March 1913, and the grand old city of Moscow is stirring herself to meet the beginning of spring. Change is in the air and nowhere more than at 22 Lipka Street, the home of the English printer Frank Reid. Frank returns from work one night to find that his wife has caught the train back home to England, without explanation, leaving him to look after their three children.
Into his life comes Lisa Ivanovna, a country girl, untroubled to the point of seeming simple. But is she? And why has Frank's bookkeeper, Selwyn Crane, gone to such lengths to bring these two together? Who is the passionate Volodya, who breaks into the press at night? Frank sees, but only dimly, for he is a rational man in Moscow, a city where love and friendship, politics and power, are at their most unfathomable.

"Flawless. Packed with the kind of off-beat humour and perceptive observation that makes you turn back and read it again." - Sunday Times
"The story spans a few weeks, yet it evokes a whole life. Moscow is seen and smelt. In splendid vignettes, Penelope Fitzgerald conveys the complexity of its denizens, their strangeness and charm. This is a marvellous, intelligent and beautifully crafted book." - Daily Telegraph

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