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Penelope Fitzgerald - The Bookshop

Penelope Fitzgerald - The Bookshop

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3.3/5 Goodreads

In the small East Anglian town of Hardborough Florence Green decides, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open a bookshop.
Hardborough becomes a battleground. Florence has tried to change the way things have always been done and, as a result, she has to take on not only the people who have made themselves important, but natural and even supernatural forces too. Her fate will strike a chord with anyone who knows that life has treated them with less than justice.

"A gem, a vintage narrative.. a classic whose force has not merely lasted but has actually improved in the passage of years" - New York Times
"Fitzgerald's resources of odd people are impressively rich...A marvellously piercing fiction" - Valentine Cunningham, TLS

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