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Peter Robinson - Friend of the Devil (Inspector Banks #17)

Peter Robinson - Friend of the Devil (Inspector Banks #17)

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4.1/5 Goodreads

The victim is no older than Banks's own daughter. Just 19, she's found raped and strangled in the dark tangle of cobbled alleyways they call The Maze.
There's no shortage of suspects, and Banks finds himself missing DI Annie Cabbot. Their personal problems aside, he could do with her sharp instincts on this case.
But Annie has troubles of her own. On loan to the Eastern Area, she's been called to investigate the cold-blooded killing of a woman in a wheelchair.
On the face of it, the two deaths have nothing in common. But as Annie digs deeper, she finds something disturbingly familiar in the case. Perhaps she and Banks will find themselves working together again a lot sooner than expected...

"Peter Robinson has for too long, and unfairly, been in the shadow of lan Rankin... [he deserves a place] near, perhaps even at the top of the British crime writers' league." - The Times on Piece of My Heart

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