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Peter Robinson - Piece of My Heart (Inspector Banks #16)

Peter Robinson - Piece of My Heart (Inspector Banks #16)

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4.0/5 Goodreads

At first, she appeared to be a remnant of the Festival: a beautiful girl with a painted cornflower blooming on her cheek, sleeping off the excess of the night before. It's the summer of 1969, but it seems not all the revellers had peace and love on their minds.
Four decades on, Chief Inspector Banks is called from his dinner to a far bloodier scene. A stranger has been murdered in a remote village, and before Banks can begin to uncover the motive he must first identify the body. Nothing is straightforward in this case, and soon he is on a path of discovery that leads back into the past: to a murder in the summer of 1969 that everyone had thought long-since solved...

"PIECE OF MY HEART brilliantly interweaves past and present, providing two strands of tension for the price of one, and further enhancing Alan Banks's reputation as one of crime fiction's most appealing cops." - The Times

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