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Robin Black - Life Drawing

Robin Black - Life Drawing

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Paperback - Damaged

3.7/5 Goodreads

Augusta Edelman, Gus to her friends, is an artist and a wife: fierce, passionate, honest and not always the best judge of her own choices. One of these has led to a new start with her husband, Owen, in a house of ramshackle beauty, miles from the city and from their troubles. There, Gus and Owen set about restoring their home and their love - until the arrival of a stranger at the empty property next door threatens the fragile peace in ways Gus could never have imagined...

"Riveting. A beautifully written meditation on the delicate balance of intimacy and isolation within a long marriage" - Alice Sebold
"The page-turning suspense of Robin Black's novel comes from her beautiful, honest portrait of a marriage, of a life. Stunning" - San Franscisco Chronicle

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