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Simon Beckett - The Calling of the Grave (David Hunter #4)

Simon Beckett - The Calling of the Grave (David Hunter #4)

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This is the fourth novel of the David Hunter series
Eight years ago they found the body buried on the moor. They were certain it was one of Jerome Monks teenage victims. Which left two more to find. The search ended badly and with Monk behind bars the momentum faltered. For forensic expert David Hunter and the rest of the recovery team, life moved on. The dead were left undisturbed. But now a nightmare scenario unfurls. Monk has escaped & seems to be targeting anyone involved in the original operation. As the maniacs' violent trail edges ever closer, Hunter realises that nothing now, or then, is as it seems. The past is anything but buried.

"As bone-chillingly bleak as its subject...this doesn't disappoint"- Financial Times

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