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Simon Beckett - Written in Bone (David Hunter #2)

Simon Beckett - Written in Bone (David Hunter #2)

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4.2/5 Goodreads

This is the first novel of the David Hunter series
On the remote Hebridean island of Runa, a grisly discovery awaits the arrival of forensic anthropologist Dr David Hunter. A body – almost totally incinerated but for the feet and a single hand – has been found. The local police are quick to record an accidental death but Hunter's instincts say otherwise: he’s convinced it’s murder. In fact it appears Runa is far from the peaceful community it first appears – and a burned corpse is only one of its dark secrets. Then an Atlantic storm descends, severing all power and contact with the mainland. And as the storm rages, the killing begins in earnest...

"Beckett cranks up the suspense...unexpected twists and a gory climax" - Daily Telegraph

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