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Stephen Leather - Dark Forces (Dan Shepherd #13)

Stephen Leather - Dark Forces (Dan Shepherd #13)

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Paperback - As new

4.4/5 Goodreads

A violent South London gang will be destroyed if Dan 'Spider' Shepherd can gather enough evidence against it while posing as a ruthless hitman. What he doesn't know is that his work as an undercover agent for MIS is about to intersect with the biggest terrorist operation ever carried out on British soil.
Only weeks before, Shepherd witnessed a highly skilled IS sniper escape from a targeted missile strike in Syria. The next time he comes across him, the shooter is in a grimy East London flat, with a plan to kill hundreds of people. The clock is ticking and only Spider stands between us and Armageddon...

"[Leather] has the uncanny knack of producing plots that are all too real" - Daily Mail
"A master of the thriller genre" - Irish Times

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