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Stephen Leather - Live Fire (Dan Shepherd #6)

Stephen Leather - Live Fire (Dan Shepherd #6)

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4.3/5 Goodreads

Mickey and Mark Moore are hard men who live by their own code and leaders of a gang that has made millions at the point of a gun. Now they're enjoying a life in the sun in Thailand.
Dan 'Spider' Shepherd is sent to infiltrate the team of bank robbers. But when he does, he discovers that he has more in common with them than he first thought. While he and his Serious Organised Crime Agency colleagues are plotting the downfall of the Moore brothers, a far more sinister threat is stalking the streets of London.
A group of home-grown Islamic fundamentalist fanatics embarks on a campaign of terror the like of which Britain has never seen. Car bombs and beheadings are only the beginning...
And Shepherd is the only man who can stop them.


"Pacy read... totally convincing" - BBC Radio 5 Live
"This is an aggressively topical novel but a genuinely thrilling one, too" - Daily Telegraph

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