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Jill Paton Walsh - The Bad Quarto (Imogen Quy #4)

Jill Paton Walsh - The Bad Quarto (Imogen Quy #4)

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3.9/5 Goodreads

Night-climbing is one of those picturesque Cambridge traditions - one which has killed far too many students over the centuries. And even some climbers who were old enough to know better like John Tallentire, whose promising career as a lecturer in English Literature was cut short on St Agatha's notorious leap, Harding's Folly. How can this possibly be connected to a chaotic amateur production of an obscure version of Hamlet? Or to the disappearance of an unhappy young scholarship student? Imogen Quy needs to find out: after all, her name rhymes with "why". The cleverest college nurse in Cambridge unpicks a tangled tale of long-forgotten tragedy with murderous consequences many years later.

"An admirable detective heroine" - Times Literary Supplement
"Imogen Quy positively sparkles on the page as an amateur sleuth" - Sunday Express

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