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Patrick McCabe - The Stray Sod Country

Patrick McCabe - The Stray Sod Country

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3.4/5 Goodreads

It is 1958, and Golly Murray, the barber of Cullymore's wife, finds herself oddly obsessing about the Sputnik dog Laika. Meanwhile, Father Augustus Hand is working on a bold new theatrical production for Easter, which he for one knows will put their small town on the map. And, as the Manchester United football team prepare to take off from Munich airport, James A. Reilly sits in his hovel by the Stray Sod Lake, feeling the weight of a diabolical presence pressing down upon him. This strangely elegiac and operatic folk tale chronicles the passing of a generation, from the closed terraces of rural Ireland to the global separations of our own time.

"Brilliant" - The Times
"A vivid portrait of a community in crisis...riveting" - Daily Telegraph

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