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Jill Paton Walsh - The Wyndham Case (Imogen Quy #1)

Jill Paton Walsh - The Wyndham Case (Imogen Quy #1)

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3.8/5 Goodreads

The locked library of St Agatha's College, Cambridge houses an unrivalled collection of seventeenth-century volumes. And one dead student... Tragic and accidental of course, even if malicious gossip hints that Philip Skelly was stealing books rather than reading them when he slipped, banged his head and bled to death overnight. Only the college nurse, Imogen Quy, has her doubts after all, her name rhymes with 'why'. But no one takes much notice until the second dead student appears in the college fountain.

"In Imogen Quy the author has created an admirable detective heroine." - Times Literary Supplement
"A jewel in the traditional English detective mode...Ms Morse has arrived" - Observer

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