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Patrick Neate - Twelve Bar Blues

Patrick Neate - Twelve Bar Blues

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3.9/5 Goodreads

Spanning three continents and two centuries, Twelve Bar Blues is an epic tale of fate, family, friendship and jazz. At its heart is Lick Holden, a young jazz musician, who sets New Orleans on fire with his cornet at the beginning of the last century. But Lick's passion is to find his lost step-sister and that's a journey that leads him to a place he can call 'home'. Meanwhile, at the other end of the century, we find Sylvia, an English prostitute, and Jim, a young drifter. They're in search of Sylvia's past, lost somewhere in the mists of the Louisiana bayou. Patrick Neate has written a story that straddles time and space, love and friendship, roots and pilgrimage and everything between. Poignant and hilarious, it will hook you - like a favourite tune - till the end.

"Stories are the lifeblood of Patrick Neate's fiction - his novels, like Salman Rushdie's, are both full of them and, simultaneously, fascinated by them. His playful touch belies the emotional pull of his poetry: his skill is to entertain and enchant while quetly picking away at his readers' hearts" - Metro
"A century of jazz, blues and lost love, Neate's energetic novel has its heart in the bars of America's Deep South...a moving tale" - Marie Claire

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