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Vince Flynn - Act of Treason (Mitch Rapp #9)

Vince Flynn - Act of Treason (Mitch Rapp #9)

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Paperback - Used

4.3/5 Goodreads

There are two weeks to go to the US presidential election when the hot favourite, Josh Alexander, is ambushed by a terrorist bomb. He narrowly escapes, but members of his entourage are not so lucky. Alexander is carried to victory by a sympathy vote.
On the surface, it appears to be the work of al-Qaeda. But then CIA director Irene Kennedy is presented with classified information so toxic that she has no option but to call on Mitch Rapp, America's top counterterrorism operative: the one man reckless enough to follow the evidence to its explosive conclusion...

"Sizzles with inside information, military muscle and CIA secrets" - Dan Brown
"Mitch Rapp is a great character who always leaves the bad guys either very sorry for themselves or very dead" - Guardian

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